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I Hear The Drumming in My Dreams

Do you hear the sound of drums? Have you seen the color of eternity?

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A RP journal for the Master, from Doctor Who. Post-End of Time. I know that doesn't make sense, but when did the Master ever make sense?

Mun is older than 18. Muse is WAY older than 18.

aliens, anthropophagy, arrogance, bananas, banging on table tops, being a genius, being a grammer nazi, being charming, being insane, being right, being smarter than you, being unlikely, big creepy grins, black comedy, bloody food, bossing people around, cackling, cannibalism, cannibalism occasionally, captain jack, captain jack harkness, chips, contradicting physics, daleks, dancing, death, decimating, decimation, destruction, doctor who, donna noble, drinking lots of coffee, drumming, drums, earth, eating, eating humans, eating people, end of the universe, england, even more food, fighting, flesh, food, friendly arguments, gallifrey, harold saxon, high living, hobos, hot food, hunger, hyperactivity, hypnosis, ianto jones, immortality, insanity, jelly babies, junkyards, killing jack harkness, killing people, koschei, laser screwdriver, less impractical robes, living forever, lucy, lucy saxon, making people cry, manipulating time and space, martha jones, mass hypnotism, master of all, meat, mind control, more drumming, more food, mr. saxon, murder, name-dropping, not-so-friendly arguments, owen harper, pain, paradoxes, parliament, playing music too loudly, politics, power, prancing about, professor yana, properly defined decimation, proving humanity is evil, psychic paper, psychosis, rassilon, rebellion, rose tyler, ruling the universe, s&m, scissor sisters, sharp objects, snark, spiky metal bits, tardis, tea, teletubbies, that damned drumming, the archangel network, the constant drumming, the daleks, the doctor, the drumming, the drums, the end of time, the hunger, the master, the rani, the sound of drums, the stars, the tardis, the time war, the toclafane, the weeping angels, theta, theta sigma, time, time and space, time lord high council, time lord renegades, time lords, time travel, timey wimey detector, timey wimey stuff, torchwood, torture, torture for fun, trouble, ultimate power over everything, universal conquest, universal domination, upbeat music, using decimation correctly, violence, vortex manipulators, vote saxon, weeping angels, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, world domination, your lord and master